Yifang-Vista is an international group formed by Vista landscape architecture & urban planning from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Yifang Design from Beijing, China. We are one enthusiastic, creative and experienced team consisted of a wide range of professionals including landscape architects, urban planners, industrial designers, ecologists, graphic designers, etc. We serve clients from Europe, Asia and other regions.




We coordinate professional resources home and abroad to let our work stand on both international frontiers and local ground; we are inspired by and respect the power of nature and through scientific and artistic design approaches, we preserve, restore, regenerate and create spaces that belong to the natural and cultural locality; we look for sustainable and innovative solutions that result in surprising utilitarian combinations and distinct spatial qualities; we start with innovative concepts and implement them till the last step.




With passion and purpose, and respect to the land, we tailor our design approach for every piece of land. We carefully build a space for designers to practice design and enjoy life. Together, may we achieve an even brighter future.