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Sustainable Planning of Wei River

Location: Shaanxi Province

Type: comprehensive planning 

Size: 400 hectares

Purpose: riparian, wetland, recreation

Client: Xixian New District Promotion Committee of Shaanxi Province

Partners: Beijing Turenscape

Time: 2011



The Wei River flowing through two important cities, Xianan and Xianyang, is where our site is located. However, due to the fading of shipping industry, flooding disaster and water quality reduction, Wei River has lost its former vigor and turned into a negative space between waterfront cities.


This situation is about to change, under the background of the Xian’s development strategy. The river will play an important role in future development. Our mission is bring energy back to the river and to nearby cities and their residents, and shift the negative waterfront into an active space.


We believe, a vibrant river means security + eco-diversity + urban diversity. We use multiple water management methods to improve safety of the Wei River, create healthy and diverse landscape and urban patterns. The combine action of “river, city, and function” forms the characteristic of each river sectors. Diverse urban pattern was build, including urban waterfront island, urban water network, garden city, waterfront park, urban balcony and emperors valley. Consider functions and morphology of the river and its waterfront while emphasize their identities. The Wei River will become a green corridor between the two cities, as well as an urban park for local people.