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Floating Tower by Lake Taihu

Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

Size: 3 hectares

Type: concept design

Purpose: recreation, exhibition

Client: Wuxi New District City Council

Partners: Beijing Turenscape

Time: 2012



An iconic landscape image is called for, next to Lake Taihu in the city of Wuxi, China. The icon should represent the city and provide a high viewing point in the landscape.


What kind of icon would best fit the modern Wuxi? We looked for the answer in the city’s transformation through the time. Wuxi has historically been rich in both nature and economy, however in recent decades, the environment has suffered due to the focus on economic development alone. The government has come to understand the negative impact of neglecting the balance between environment and economy and is looking to improve the situation. “environment protection ”has become one hey phrases to the city. 


With this in mind, the idea of floating tower has born. There are three meanings and functions of the landmark: 1. the tower represents great effort the government is putting into protecting the local environment; 2. the tower presents healing power of the nature, helps people to develop an understanding of nature, and to take the responsibilities for natural conservation; 3. we hope this tower could give visitors special experiences and offer opportunities to interact with nature.


The floating tower has five floors, covered by various types of aqua vegetation.


Contaminated water is pumped the top and flow down through the tower, water will be treated biologically in this process. The purified water then cascades between the second and the first floor, before streaming via the gardens of the island and re-enters the lake. Visitors first climb to the top of the tower, have a panorama view up there then follow the journey of the water purification procedure as the make their way down through the inside of the water machine. People could learn biological treatment knowledge from the interpretation system during their stay.