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Eco-Agriculture Park Planning

Location: Liangzi Lake, Jiangxia District, Wuhan

Size: 300 hectares

Purpose: agricultural recreations, wedding, tourism 

Client: Yangxia Oasis Agriculture Industry Cooperation

Partners: Beijing BCKJ Architecture Studio

Time: 2013 - 2014

Status: under construction



Along with the rapid city expansion of Wuhan, rural life has been moving away from urban residents, but the farming and reading life style is a hidden dream for anyone of us. This lavender plantation of Wuhan Dangdai Group is located on the side of Liangzi Lake, with a typical gentle hills landform, having various pastoral landscapes such as paddy field, terraced field, fishpond and farmyard.


In consideration of the rising demand for agricultural leisure and the large number of visitors, ecological agricultural landscape becomes the main concern.

This project will features lavender field and give expression to agricultural civilization. Build multi-dimension connections with Wuhan by activities, including field trip, wedding, education, recreation and farming experiencing. Promote sustainable land regeneration and growth through urban and rural economic cooperation.     


Specifically, the project is mainly focusing on these five aspects:

1.  Preserve and reflect local farming feature in design. Develop plantation industry, given priority to lavender. Grow landscape plants on the rest of field, not for purpose of direct economic income. Instead, this strategy will expand vegetated area, forming multilevel plantation that can be visit all year round, and lay the foundation for subsequent industry.


2. Use flower viewing and wedding industry as emphasis, develop local unique flowering landscape service industry. Use lavender as a theme, develop wedding industry and provide sweet and romantic space and meticulous butler service. Leaving beautiful memories for every new couple and inspire them to come back for visit, create unique experience for them.


3. Create sustainable ecological tourism industry. Carefully manage existing agricultural landscape, protection, preservation and restoration and main methods. Take full advantage of existing landform and vegetation, highlight agricultural landscape and lakeshore wetland landscape. Use sustainable methods for constructions such as road & traffic, municipal facilities, house reconstructions, energy, sewage & waste treatment. Solve contaminant and waste issues caused by industrial succession and service industry.


4. Encourage local residents participate in the industrial succession, create a charming hometown together. Restore and mending lost family and community ethics relations, reclaim land to inherit traditions and agricultural civilization. The healthy growth of indigenous culture will continually serve the city life. Thus ensures flourishing industry, comfortable life, harmonious society and cultural inheritance.   


Provide long-term overall design services. Combine long range planning and creative scheme, intergrade overall control and detail construction, provide professional consultant service and design service while the industry is growing.