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Beijing Clove Valley

Location: Badaling, Beijing

Size: 3.65 hectare

Purpose: nature experience, boutique hotel

Client: Beijing Badaling Forest Tourism Cooperation

Partners: Beijing BCKJ Architecture Studio

Time: 2013 - 2014

Status: under construction



Located at a valley in Yanqing Badaling Wood Farm, the site has the largest distribution of manchurian clove in northern China. Fragrance from these flowers filled the air, hence the name Clove Valley. With a rich ecological diversity and luxuriant vegetation, 96% of the land is covered by forest.  


In premise of forest conservation and carefully siting, an ecological boutique hotel will infuse into surrounding woods, becoming a unique forest culture experience center in Beijing. Depend on its distinct ecological advantages Clove Valley will take local residents closer to nature in the near future. 


After fully study of the site’s history and existing condition, we brought out the concept of “Abundant experience by least intervention.” In premise of the existing environmental condition, this design will maximally maintain and reflect the original nature, approach comfortable experience by making minimum distraction.


Specifically speaking, the five characters of this design are:

1.       Preserve original vegetation substrate, patching with indigenous plants. Maximally preserve, maintain and renew existing vegetation community. Ecologically restore small disturbance in construction, applying indigenous plants to create abundant human-scale landscape experiences while reserve and reflect the site’s native environment. 

2.       Build main water feature, enrich waterfront experience. Take fully advantage of valley topography, combine stream, ford, pool, and cascade into flexible waterscape as a regional focal point. Bring in abundant waterfront experiences to this forest valley, meanwhile, the landscape water system could also apply to water circulation and treatment, stormwater regulation, torrential flood retention, etc. 

3.       Create diverse natural experiences and facilities. Based on research and analysis, the design raised a explore system which consist of various trails and rest areas. Here, you can overlook the scenery, meditating by the water, meandering in the woods, or gathering for a rest. We will also provide customized furniture including bench, lounge, hanging chair and table, to ensure cozy and relax experience in this natural environment.

4.       Develop spaces in the forest. Insert different scale of sites in forest gaps, including residential garden and public space to meet various sizes of group. According to the diverse demand of experience, consider of forest environment, design spaces for use of meditation, contemplation, tea, and gathering. Allowing human space blend into natural landscape.

Present clove characteristic and forest culture. According regional distinctive, merging clove features in detail designs to bring out the theme. Explaining the design concept and telling story in a fun and vivid way. Helping people understand the nature, and being aware of the importance of environment protection.