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Wei River Floodplain

Location: Xianyang, Shanxi Province of China

Size: 100 hectare

Purpose: wetland, recreation, flood control

Time: 2014

Notes: cooperation case of  Yifang-Vista 



Located on a 100-years floodplain of Weicheng District. The site is wedged between Wei River on its south and the city on its north. Holding vast vegetable field, lotus pond, and sand-excavating retained pits.


The upper site is phase one of Xianyang Lake Project, a typical urban waterfront under the industrial background. The hard bank bound the vitality of Wei River, and changed the original riparian ecosystem. This project will redesign the riverbank base on its ecological background. According to site analysis, we brought concepts which are adaptive to flood events. Took fully advantage of existing conditions, developed a low maintenance required natural wetland park by using small budget.


The design concept was based on the principles of flood adaptability, raised the idea of “four sections in one”, and divided into Floodplain Park, Wetland Park, Active Park and Recreation Park, according to topography. Floodplain Park has lower elevation, threated by flood. Boardwalk and platform meandering throughout the site, leaving inundated area during flood events. Wetland Park functions as a treatment riparian barrier of Wei River and the town, further cleaning water from sewage plant, supplying water for irrigation and industrial uses. The park will also provide unique wetland experience for education purpose. P-patch in active park will give local residents a place to enjoy, plant and harvest. Recreation park consists of various spaces, such a water theme park, Qinqiang Opera cultural plaza, playground, providing main recreational place for its surrounding communities.