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Wildlife Bridge of Laarderhoogt

Location: Laren, Netherlands

Size: 10 hectares

Purpose: ecological corridor

Client: Rijkswaterstaat, Dienst Noord-Holland

Partners: MNO Vervat – Beton BV

Time: 2012



The purpose of Laarderhoogt Wildlife Bridge is to provide ecological connection in Gooi area. It took place in the only undeveloped space of the entire region, bond up marshlands through a ridge created by ancient glacier. The project involves two bridges that across two freeways, and their entrances and junctions. We view the two bridges as one unit; give it optimization of the ecological functionality, which is the primary focus of this project. Secondly, attention was paid to the appearance from both the dynamic A1 freeway and Naarderstraat, a stately entrance to the village of Laren. We designed recreational path system and make it connect to the surrounding traffic network, provide access to bikers, pedestrians and horse riders. 


The bridge will become a unique connection element; especially form the view of drivers. The ecological functionality should be its most evident feature. For this reason, we applied stylized branch pattern in the bridges’ supporting columns. Those branches hold elegant light-weight decks, and dominated vegetation layer above it. We hope this will be a visible landmark over the A1 freeway. In contrast to the busy freeway, the bridge over Naarderstraat has a sense of quietness and security, which match the villa residences of Gooi area.


The wildlife bridge is effective from two aspects. Firstly, make connection between habitats of small animals and plants, emphasize the heather landscape. From the second aspect, create corridor for larger animals, especially for deer, badger and pine marten, for these mammals, one key issue is noise and light disturbance, and diverse forest environment.