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Design Reseach of Intergrated Construction

Location: Northeast of Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Purpose: transportation infrastructure, natural landscape, agriculture

Time: 2014



Delegated by the Department of Landscape and Water Resource of the Netherlands, we demonstrated the concept of integrated construction with nature,and use it as theoretical foundation of the new freeway construction in Eindhoven. Our team did a series of design studies, attempting to research further on the forms of this subject. Through spatial research on case studies, the engineering technologies and ecological elements are closely interacted.  


We established an ecological concept based on stability and consistency. Our goal is integrate small scale and large scale ecosystems through weaving arid and humid eco-network, and make them stronger, steadier and more weather resistant. In this system we attempt to motivate natural vitality and natural growth. Natural landscape will be formed through this system.


We divide landscape along the freeway into three primary types as research background factors: 1. river valley, meadow and wetland; 2. the old farms and relevant small scale landscape; 3. recent reclaimed farms and forest, heather field and lake. Those three types of land directly reflect local natural environment’s major challenge and opportunity. On top of this, we did a serious of design for the paths of the three land types, by applying reusable integrated construction with nature design approach to create a “tool case.”