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Qingyu River Landscape Planning Design

Location: Shaanxi Province

Size: 110 hectares

Purpose: riparian, wetland, recreation

Partners: Beijing Turenscape

Time: 2012

Statue: under construction



Situated on the center of Guanzhong Plain, Xianyang is an old town with abundant cultural and historical heritage. Qingyu River flows through the town since ancient times. It is the mother river of this old town, but today it has lost ecological, recreational and cultural functions that a healthy river should have. The river is facing a serious of crises such as water resource shortage, soil erosion; thirty meters riverbank leads to disconnection of cities on both sides; some part of the river were been used as garbage field. Our client is looking for solutions to improve existing conditions and shift this area to a wetland park. 


Problems will be solved from different aspects. Water is the main concern, the site doesn’t have plenty water resource to filled up river channel. In consideration of existing water condition, we will make segment treatments for the river, and create different hydrographic environments such as wetland, river and artificial lake. We will take full advantage of the reclaimed water from the sewage plant by Qingyu River for river and wetland water resource supply. Water quality will be improved by biological cleaning approach.